Friday, December 14, 2012

My view on guides

Pff guides are for noobs, why would you use a guide ? - Any good player with respect for him/herself do not use guides, but instead look at streams or talk to other players on which items to use in different scenarios.
Right? - Wrong, personally I like to use guides, they can give you alot of information on a short period of time. They are great for lookup doing games, when in loading screen or when wanting to learn a new champion, for those you aren't familiar with every champion and what to build on them. Even though you are not playing a champion, you can still look through a guide describing how your opponent should play, to give you a heads up, for what you have in store for the future.

Especially with the new items every update that is made, sometimes it can be usefull to use guides for help, at the start of me playing LoL, I used guides from,, but recently another great lol community side called added guides, these guides have something new that many of the guides on other homepages does not have. That feature is champion matchups (MU's).
A champion MU is for example Graves + Sona vs Ezreal + Taric at bottom lane.

After selection a champion you want to view a guide on, you can, if the guide has it,
different matchups that could occur on the lane when playing this champion.
There are great tips on how to play the different MU's, for taking the example above, when selecting a guide for Graves and looking for how to play him against Ezreal it says - And I quote from

"Difficulty: Green (easy).
When im facing ezreal im the most happy person. Even if a skilled ezreal can threat you, graves is the counter of ezreal.
  • The best tip is this: MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE. DOnt stay still, just move all the fucking time! If you stand still, he ll use all his spells against you and just rape you.
  • Take  against him! Trust me on this. His blink can save him with 10 hp!
  • Use quickdraw to evade his skills while , at the same time, moving towards him. You can fight him face to face. Dont be afraid. But remember the tip above!! MOVE MOVE MOVE.
  • Stay back, watch the creeps, when he comes to lasthit use ur combo quickdraw+buckshot to exchange hits. THen use tip #1. MOVE MOVE MOVE. You ll surely outdamage him so dont worry!
  • Upon reaching lvl 6, just evade his mystic shot (Q) and rape him with your ultimate combo. IGNITE (Yes its essential) , quickdraw, buckshot, collateral damage. Would be easy.
  • In late game, just focus him. Use your burst , a couple of hits and he is dead!However Never hunt him down. He can kite you with his spells.
Personally, i ve never lost a lane against ezreal so far. He is the most easy hero to counter. You ll do fine. I trust you!"

Which gives a somewhat in-depth description of how to play Graves vs Ezreal, I would of course recommend playing against a friend who plays ezreal in a customgame if you want to practise it, since this only gives a heads up of how to play, but to learn it in depth, and to (almost) instinctively react accordingly to his play, you have to play against an Ezreal many times.

This is just my thought on Guides - So do you use guides, and if you do, for what?
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  1. I dont realy use guides, but i use a wiki. There you can find many information about your champion and what kinda tricks you can do with him. That makes you know your champion and if you got enough time you can find pros and cons about certain champ setups yourself, another good thing about this is that you learn this by experiencing it yourself and that makes that you remember it verry well!
    Greatings Adrus

  2. Sounds interesting, which wiki do you use, could you provide a link for me? :) Thx for the feedback and I agree, you have to find pros and cons about a certain champ setups yourself, you learn far more by experiencing the different setups yourself instead of reading about it in some Guide or from a wiki, As stated it for me, I use it to get an overview of what to consider in every matchup, which can give you a lot of information on a short period of time :)
    Cheers GrekMaR


    is an example =)