Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Motivation for gaming

What are your motivation for gaming ?
Thats a question that has been bothering me for quite some time actually, It first came to my mind when I was watching a final match from WCG 6-7 years ago in Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1,6), my motivation then was to make a living only by gaming, this was, not supported by my parrents, and this is understandable, since only a very few people can make a living out of this.

but instead of "ruining my dreams" - they told me that I could play just as much as I wanted, just as long as I would fit my school and decent grades, at that age of course I had to go outside and play with my friends ect., but this did kind of encourage me to play to win, to become the best, even if I would not to be making a living out of it.

Over the years, as I aged, even though I still had some hope to make a living out of gaming, I didn't get into the competitive scene of CS 1.6, which made my hope fade a bit, I stopped playing to become the best and just to enjoy myself, untill the release of Starcraft 2 (SC 2), where I became much more serious about my gaming - focusing on my studies a little less, which also made my grades drop a bit, this was in the 2nd year of my gymnasium education, after a year of hardcore gaming and actually achieving to beat a fairly good semi-pro player also ranking, on the SC 2 ladder, top 10 in my country, I was using all hours I could spare to play SC 2, I would wake up 1 hour earlier at morning just watch replays of myself playing through, then I would go to school, in the breaks I would watch streams of high level players, and as soon as I came home, play SC 2 ladder, watching replays ect., but even though I was using all my sparetime on the game, the players I was competing against, or wanted to be as good as, used even more time, since they was pro or semi-pro players, I either should drop out of school or just reconsider my preferences, actually this was quite an easy choice as you may or may not suspect, I stayed in school, since Im now studying Computer Science.

Here, after I focused school instead of SC 2, I completely stopped playing SC 2, instead I started playing Leauge of Legends (LoL), since many of my friends played that, and I was doing that only on a hobby scale, and are still doing that. But who says you can't have a motivation to improve and get better all the time?

- Which leads me up to my current motivation, to get better, to have small goals to accomplish and just have fun with the game. After this long monolog of me introducing my motivation throughout my life with gaming, I would like to focus more on my thoughts with LoL than on gaming in general.

So what are your motivation for gaming - do you strive to become the best player in the world or just play it casually ?

// GrekMaR

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