Saturday, December 15, 2012

Understanding roles

This post is going to be about the importance of understanding every role on a team.

- So why is it important?
Assuming you have a team, when you learn every role on a team, you can better understand what it is like to play at that position and what to consider, even though you might not get as good as your teammates on that position (assuming you are all equally good at the game, and they have been playing on that particular position longer than you), they would properly be better at that position than you would, which is why they are playing that position and you don't, right?

So why even bother trying to get to know how to play their role?
Lets take an example:
Suppose you are the jungler of your team, but you decide, that you want to know how to play top, here you notice how much sustainability really counts, you learn something about the different matchups, when to play aggressive and defensive, you learn something about where to ward and how annoying it really is when the enemy jungler comes and lanegank you, actually you really hate that.

So what can you make of this as a jungler? - You already know how much sustainability you need as a jungler, and you have this under your control, you get to know some matchups on the top lane, but how should that affect your playstyle as a jungler, since you won't be facing that champion yourself, only when ganking on top, the warding is not really your problem and the top player on your team already know how to ward properly, but you see that you can abuse the laneganking part, so is that the only part you can use?

Actually there is a lot more you can learn from this little example:
- sustainability
You notice than even when you do not get a kill when ganking, just forcing the enemy out of the lane can make your top get a good advantage on experience aswell on CS. Which ultimately can make him win the lane.
- the different matchups (when to play aggressive and defensive)
You here can see when it is important to babysit the lane (babysitting is when you camp the lane helping your   teammate by continuesly ganking the lane), when the matchup is really bad for your top player, and when your top player can manage the matchup and you can focus on the other lanes.
Also you when you learn about the matchups you can get better at small or greater teamfights because you learn something about the enemy top champions.
- warding
You notice where the players like to ward, where you can come unseen in and gank, if you have oracle you know where the wards are most likely to be placed and you can clear them much faster than normally.
- laneganking
Is a strategy that you knew already, but you didn't notice how strong it really was when the opponent do not ward the brushes, so you can make your ganks better and get more kills.

So how do you learn every role?
Just like you would learn, or just as you learned your role!
You have to play the role to learn it, you watch streams of higher level players playing the role,
you learn from your teammates, asking them for advice on how to play that role,
they can often give you some great piece of advice that you would often have to play many frustating games to learn. Also as my last blog post stated - view guides!

Thanks for reading and - Which role do you play and which role do you want to learn?
- Try this out and post a comment with what you've learned and your experience with trying this :)

Cheers //GrekMaR

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