Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Attacking/Defending bombsites (on D2)

So there are some major differences between defending and attacking bombsites in general.
When defending (CT), I find the advantages to be the following:
- Your enemy do not know how many you are defending that bombsite
- Your enemy do not know your position on the bombsite
- You have the time on your side, meaning you can just wait, while your opponents have to make a move.
- Camping (yes, that is an advantage!), when waiting for your opponents in a choke spot, you know they have to go right through your crosshair in order to attack a certain bombsite, in which you get to fire first.

When attacking (T):
- You have the element of surprise with you, meaning you have the ability to adapt to your opponents setup, and rotate and maybe attack the bombsite where your opponents are not, whereas the CT's have to counter-react to everything the terrorists do.
- With proper smokes and flashes, you can attack a bombsite while your enemies are blinded, giving free frags and possibly a 3v5 or 4v5 situation and a planted bomb, which most likely will result in a won round
- With strategies and combination of flashes/smokes, you can try to force the CT's to rotate or execute a strategy that might just make the CT's get caught off guard.
- When rushing a site or taking it slow, you have the advantages of numbers, in most cases. (since only 2 or 3 people are defending a particular bombsite

So how do you exploit your advantage or reduce the one of your opponents?
That depends on the map and your teams strength and weaknesses, if on D2 and you are hardcore aimers, going long many rounds may give you the advantage of aim duels, where you can use the long range to exploit your better aim, while your opponents as CTs might have spottet this and want to stop you at the double doors at long, before you even get to long, making the duel more of a sprayout instead, and you having to go right through their crosshair.

Reducing the advantages of CTs:
- Your enemy do not know how many you are defending that bombsite
With a good AWPer on your team, and being T on D2, you have a better spawn to peak down middle than CTs have, meaning unless the CTs smoke mid, you can watch how many people cross over from CT-spawn to B2, (B1 is usually used instead of A and B2 is used instead of B), and adjusting your strategy according to that.

- Your enemy do not know your position on the bombsiteFlashes and smokes are your best friend, when invading B2 you can smoke out the B2 plat, where a sniper might residence, making his awp potentially useless, correct times flashes can also be to your advantage, blinded opponents cant do much damage to you, since they obviously can't hit you! Also as you progress into the game, you might know that there always is an opponent on the B2 plat, so you can preaim there and get a kill or smoke it out.

- You have the time on your sideGet that bomb planted, use your strategies and get the bomb planted, now the time is on your side, while you fight off those CTs, they have (I think it is 35 seconds in competitive), to defuse the bomb, meaining you have to prevent them from starting to defuse for 30 seconds with a kit and 25 seconds without.

- Camping
Again use flashes and smokes, reduce their vision and take the mapcontrol, giving them fewer spots to camp in, so you might be able to guess their camping spots, with you being able to rotate to another bomb site, if the CTs rotated themselves. If you planted the bomb you are then giving the advantage of camping.

Reducing the advantages of Ts:
- You have the element of surprise with you
You have to counter-react to the T's, playing aggresive can give you the element of surprise, if you know that your opponent almost always have a person at lower dark, you can rush to Short boost box and have an AWPer take out the T when he's comming, while a persdon is watching CAT from CT-mid.
You could also rush lower and B, maybe during an eco round, giving you crossfire on the Ts that have entered upper dark.

- With proper smokes and flashesCounter flash and smokes when they flash or use smoke against you, also use the incindiary grenade to prevent any rushes from happening, the T's then have to rush through the fire taking alot of damage, or wait til it runs out, making your teammates able to rotate in time to defend the bombsite.

- With strategies and combination of flashes/smokes
Play smart, dont get fooled by 5 decoy grenades thrown yard on nuke, if you do not see any enemies. or on D2 if you see 4 people going long, the last might be short or defending long, you can then try to have the person(s) going short and the ones defending B2 going mid and taking him out, making it a 4v5 situation, even before the T's have taken the site. Try to exploit the weaknesses of the Ts strategies and use them to your advantages.

- When rushing a site or taking it slow, you have the advantages of numbersWhile it can be hard to counter this, you "just" have to do kill an opponents to make it up for you dying, while I think if you do not kill a person, you should do 150-200 damage at least to your enemies before dying, so your team have the advantages of being at full health. Also use nades against them, a nade to the face of 5 enemies with full armor is about 50 damage per person = 250 damage.

Depending on what you do and what your opponent does, you should try to exploit the weaknesses of your opponents and take advantage of your strengths, use flashes, smokes and incindiary grenades to slow down, blind ect. your enemy.

Hope this helps
// GrekMaR

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