Wednesday, February 6, 2013 now a part of lists all of the champions and counters to them, you can find links to champion guides and how to counter a champion, what to notice ect. the original could the same thing, but the design has been revised and is actually quite nice now, we can also see some information about which champions works well with the selected champion ect.

So an example of a champion could be Cho'Gath:
When you select Cho'Gath at the main page you get information like:


the Terror of the VoidTankMageMagical DamageJunglerTop

You also have three options to see:
Summary of counter items, counter summoner spells and counter mechanics
Stats of Cho'Gath (per. level, base stats ect.)
Skills - List of skills, description, scaling, manacost ect.

Then we have guides, link to them, views and rating:

Then we have the, in my opinion the most important feature on, the list of Bad against, good against and good with, we can list after the lane he plays on, which in chos case are:
All, Top lane, Jungle, general, where general means how they play against him in mid, late or just throughout the game, where the other specifices lane matchups.
You could argue that Cho'Gath mid is viable and this should be considered as well!
But this list is of course not covering everything, but gives a good list of which machups to consider when playing against some champion.

TL:DR features:
- What counter a champion (item, champions, summoner spells, mechanisms)
- Who a champion works well with
- What a champion is good against (other champions)
- Link to guides
- Complete stats of champions and what lanes are normally played with a champion

All in all a good page to add to your "guide" section of your League of Legends bookmarks


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