Sunday, February 3, 2013

New League esports site

So in parallel with launching season 3, Riot made a new league of legends sports site called:

Here a collection of teams, matching and statistics are making us able to follow the pro teams we like all the way to the top, I like the concept and some of the features, giving us weekly matches, some good stats about what to look for and prematch description, for example I like Copenhagen wolfs, since im from Denmark its pretty awesome to have a danish team battling it out with the pros, here this Saturday the 9th:

Here we are also given som head to head stats in form of a graph which we can check KDA ratio, gold per minute and total gold.

Then we have a pre-match coverage:

Pre-Match Coverage

Predicted to struggle against Millenium in the EU Qualifier, the Copenhagen Wolves surprised many by slaughtering their Group Stage opponents in consecutive easy wins. With the Wolves’ convincing qualification run fresh in everyone’s memory, the veterans of SK Gaming know that they will have to earn their win against the upstarts.
Even with a substitute Mid Lane, the Copenhagen Wolves look like one of the strongest new teams in Season 3. With an aggressive play-style and an un-scouted roster, the Wolves will be a handful for any team early in the season.
Unfortunately for SK Gaming, their tried and true strategy of creating custom tactics to counter their opponents will not work against the Wolves. With limited information on the tactics and champion pool of their adversaries, SK will have to remain flexible to deal with the Wolves.
And players to watch:

Players to Watch

Reasons to Watch: 
Facing the largely unknown but impressive NeeGodbro in Top Lane, Kev1n will have limited information on his lane opponent’s strengths and weaknesses. Kev1n will have to rely on his greater competitive experience to defeat whatever the Wolves throw at him.

Reasons to Watch: 
TheTess performed flawlessly at the EU Qualifier, beating every lane opponent sent against him and racking up huge kill scores. With an Ezreal ban extremely likely, TheTess will have to show the world that his skills on other AD champs can produce similar results.
All this gives us some inside information about the match, which should makes us able to watch the match and enjoy it to the fullest, while getting some knowlegde about the players and teams while doing it, this is a great improvement to the community, and we've been missing something like this, so I am very excited about this feature.

What do you think about this new site

// GrekMaR

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