Monday, December 17, 2012

What does "Metagame" mean?

What is this "Metagame" - So often talked about and exactly what does it mean ? 
When doing a small google search ending up on wikipedia it says:
"Metagaming is a broad term usually used to define any strategy, action or method used in a game which transcends a prescribed ruleset, uses external factors to affect the game, or goes beyond the supposed limits or environment set by the game. Another definition refers to the game universe outside of the game itself.
In simple terms, it is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions."
So it is a set of strategies that have been found to be effective by the users of the game given:
"it is the use of out-of-game information or resources to affect one's in-game decisions"
This out-of-game information can be all from understanding how the mechanics of the game work, everything from how to calculate speed, spawn timers, ability scaling from different champions, counters ect. All this is information that makes us make in-game decisions, pick a particular champion in champion select, banning champions ect.
So how do you get to know the current meta? - well for once you should play as many games as you can. You will get a lot of basic understanding for the game or you can get it watching other people play a certain way and notice how they success.

So what is the current "Metagame" right now?
when asked this question, many just says something like the current meta is:
"The current lane choices for the meta are: Bruiser top lane, Ability Power Carry mid, Ranged Attack Damage Carry and 0cs Support bottom, and Tank in the jungle."
But as stated above, the metagame is much more than that, it can be that you see the enemy jungler has an amumu who desperately needs blue, so you decide to do early invasion on blue. It can be that you see that the enemy has nunu + vayne botlane, and you decide to switch lane with top, because you else could be outfarmed badly.

Personally I do not fully understand the all aspects of the current metagame, with all of the new items and constant balance that is going on, counters change, matchups change so the only way to know the current metagame for me, is to play more games. Yesterday I was watching Intel Extreme Masters final, where SK was battling Fnatic, read about it here

There I noticed that the supports, which role I main, was going sightstone first, from that I concluded that with Heart of Gold being gone, the extra health from sightstone is vital, also given more gp10 and supports using so much gold on wards, having this sightstone can make you save so much money, that it actually is like having a gp5 item. So that is something I should think about.

Usefull links to expand your thought of what "metagaming" is:

So what do you think is the current metagame ?

// GrekMaR

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Understanding roles

This post is going to be about the importance of understanding every role on a team.

- So why is it important?
Assuming you have a team, when you learn every role on a team, you can better understand what it is like to play at that position and what to consider, even though you might not get as good as your teammates on that position (assuming you are all equally good at the game, and they have been playing on that particular position longer than you), they would properly be better at that position than you would, which is why they are playing that position and you don't, right?

So why even bother trying to get to know how to play their role?
Lets take an example:
Suppose you are the jungler of your team, but you decide, that you want to know how to play top, here you notice how much sustainability really counts, you learn something about the different matchups, when to play aggressive and defensive, you learn something about where to ward and how annoying it really is when the enemy jungler comes and lanegank you, actually you really hate that.

So what can you make of this as a jungler? - You already know how much sustainability you need as a jungler, and you have this under your control, you get to know some matchups on the top lane, but how should that affect your playstyle as a jungler, since you won't be facing that champion yourself, only when ganking on top, the warding is not really your problem and the top player on your team already know how to ward properly, but you see that you can abuse the laneganking part, so is that the only part you can use?

Actually there is a lot more you can learn from this little example:
- sustainability
You notice than even when you do not get a kill when ganking, just forcing the enemy out of the lane can make your top get a good advantage on experience aswell on CS. Which ultimately can make him win the lane.
- the different matchups (when to play aggressive and defensive)
You here can see when it is important to babysit the lane (babysitting is when you camp the lane helping your   teammate by continuesly ganking the lane), when the matchup is really bad for your top player, and when your top player can manage the matchup and you can focus on the other lanes.
Also you when you learn about the matchups you can get better at small or greater teamfights because you learn something about the enemy top champions.
- warding
You notice where the players like to ward, where you can come unseen in and gank, if you have oracle you know where the wards are most likely to be placed and you can clear them much faster than normally.
- laneganking
Is a strategy that you knew already, but you didn't notice how strong it really was when the opponent do not ward the brushes, so you can make your ganks better and get more kills.

So how do you learn every role?
Just like you would learn, or just as you learned your role!
You have to play the role to learn it, you watch streams of higher level players playing the role,
you learn from your teammates, asking them for advice on how to play that role,
they can often give you some great piece of advice that you would often have to play many frustating games to learn. Also as my last blog post stated - view guides!

Thanks for reading and - Which role do you play and which role do you want to learn?
- Try this out and post a comment with what you've learned and your experience with trying this :)

Cheers //GrekMaR

Friday, December 14, 2012

My view on guides

Pff guides are for noobs, why would you use a guide ? - Any good player with respect for him/herself do not use guides, but instead look at streams or talk to other players on which items to use in different scenarios.
Right? - Wrong, personally I like to use guides, they can give you alot of information on a short period of time. They are great for lookup doing games, when in loading screen or when wanting to learn a new champion, for those you aren't familiar with every champion and what to build on them. Even though you are not playing a champion, you can still look through a guide describing how your opponent should play, to give you a heads up, for what you have in store for the future.

Especially with the new items every update that is made, sometimes it can be usefull to use guides for help, at the start of me playing LoL, I used guides from,, but recently another great lol community side called added guides, these guides have something new that many of the guides on other homepages does not have. That feature is champion matchups (MU's).
A champion MU is for example Graves + Sona vs Ezreal + Taric at bottom lane.

After selection a champion you want to view a guide on, you can, if the guide has it,
different matchups that could occur on the lane when playing this champion.
There are great tips on how to play the different MU's, for taking the example above, when selecting a guide for Graves and looking for how to play him against Ezreal it says - And I quote from

"Difficulty: Green (easy).
When im facing ezreal im the most happy person. Even if a skilled ezreal can threat you, graves is the counter of ezreal.
  • The best tip is this: MOVE MOVE MOVE MOVE. DOnt stay still, just move all the fucking time! If you stand still, he ll use all his spells against you and just rape you.
  • Take  against him! Trust me on this. His blink can save him with 10 hp!
  • Use quickdraw to evade his skills while , at the same time, moving towards him. You can fight him face to face. Dont be afraid. But remember the tip above!! MOVE MOVE MOVE.
  • Stay back, watch the creeps, when he comes to lasthit use ur combo quickdraw+buckshot to exchange hits. THen use tip #1. MOVE MOVE MOVE. You ll surely outdamage him so dont worry!
  • Upon reaching lvl 6, just evade his mystic shot (Q) and rape him with your ultimate combo. IGNITE (Yes its essential) , quickdraw, buckshot, collateral damage. Would be easy.
  • In late game, just focus him. Use your burst , a couple of hits and he is dead!However Never hunt him down. He can kite you with his spells.
Personally, i ve never lost a lane against ezreal so far. He is the most easy hero to counter. You ll do fine. I trust you!"

Which gives a somewhat in-depth description of how to play Graves vs Ezreal, I would of course recommend playing against a friend who plays ezreal in a customgame if you want to practise it, since this only gives a heads up of how to play, but to learn it in depth, and to (almost) instinctively react accordingly to his play, you have to play against an Ezreal many times.

This is just my thought on Guides - So do you use guides, and if you do, for what?
Thanks for reading


Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Motivation for gaming

What are your motivation for gaming ?
Thats a question that has been bothering me for quite some time actually, It first came to my mind when I was watching a final match from WCG 6-7 years ago in Counter Strike 1.6 (CS 1,6), my motivation then was to make a living only by gaming, this was, not supported by my parrents, and this is understandable, since only a very few people can make a living out of this.

but instead of "ruining my dreams" - they told me that I could play just as much as I wanted, just as long as I would fit my school and decent grades, at that age of course I had to go outside and play with my friends ect., but this did kind of encourage me to play to win, to become the best, even if I would not to be making a living out of it.

Over the years, as I aged, even though I still had some hope to make a living out of gaming, I didn't get into the competitive scene of CS 1.6, which made my hope fade a bit, I stopped playing to become the best and just to enjoy myself, untill the release of Starcraft 2 (SC 2), where I became much more serious about my gaming - focusing on my studies a little less, which also made my grades drop a bit, this was in the 2nd year of my gymnasium education, after a year of hardcore gaming and actually achieving to beat a fairly good semi-pro player also ranking, on the SC 2 ladder, top 10 in my country, I was using all hours I could spare to play SC 2, I would wake up 1 hour earlier at morning just watch replays of myself playing through, then I would go to school, in the breaks I would watch streams of high level players, and as soon as I came home, play SC 2 ladder, watching replays ect., but even though I was using all my sparetime on the game, the players I was competing against, or wanted to be as good as, used even more time, since they was pro or semi-pro players, I either should drop out of school or just reconsider my preferences, actually this was quite an easy choice as you may or may not suspect, I stayed in school, since Im now studying Computer Science.

Here, after I focused school instead of SC 2, I completely stopped playing SC 2, instead I started playing Leauge of Legends (LoL), since many of my friends played that, and I was doing that only on a hobby scale, and are still doing that. But who says you can't have a motivation to improve and get better all the time?

- Which leads me up to my current motivation, to get better, to have small goals to accomplish and just have fun with the game. After this long monolog of me introducing my motivation throughout my life with gaming, I would like to focus more on my thoughts with LoL than on gaming in general.

So what are your motivation for gaming - do you strive to become the best player in the world or just play it casually ?

// GrekMaR

Blog - Why not ?

Hello, my name is - irrelevant right now.

As this blog indicates, I like to game, PC games that is, I like to play LoL, and even though Im not that good of a player - I like to think that it'll make me a better player to write my thought down, my experience with the game ect. ect.

So I thought, why not just dive into it? - Its free and it's stimulating to express yourself by text.
I can't promise anything for the future of this blog, since this is all new to me, and my interest may change, but none the less - hope you'll enjoy my blog! :)

// GrekMaR